Spanish pharmaceutical laboratory manufacturer with health license.

We have health license No. 6948-PS issued by the AEMPS to manufacture optical products and store ophthalmic and vision care products. Design and manufacture of optical products, accessories and ophthalmic solutions. We have a wide range of styles, for all audiences. We design frames ergonomically adapted to children and adults, sun and undergraduate; We use the best CR39 lenses, polarized, mirrored, with the best UV and infrared filters. We also manufacture frames in acetate, polycarbonate, TR90 and BPA-free and sustainable tritan. We have a range of chains, children's laces, cases and chamois. Finally, we offer cleaning fluids, eye drops and ophthalmic solution for contact lenses.

More than 35 years of experience

We have more than 35 years of experience in the optical sector and more than 8 years of professional business experience in the pharmaceutical sector.

International presence

We have a sales network throughout the Spanish territory with a presence in more than 5,500 pharmacies; and leading distributors and sales agents in Italy, Portugal, Morocco, Mali, Romania, Andorra and Peru.

Highly qualified team

We have a highly qualified work team committed to offering the best service to our customers and sales representatives.


We create value for our products

We are specialists in optical medical devices, with a know-how of more than 35 years, designing and creating with innovation and the latest technology. This is why we can offer confidence to users, with our extensive range of optical products tailored to each need, with exclusive designs. Thanks to the introduction of our brand in the pharmaceutical sector, users will have the same or greater variety of optical products than other pharmacy products. Our knowledge in the optical product allows us to create different segments of quality and specialization for prescription glasses and sunglasses: We generate levels with different technical, fashion and design characteristics, identified with icons that will allow the client to choose between several different options. For this reason, we affirm that we are value "developers" of our category, standardizing it, like many other products in the pharmaceutical sector.

We generate sales strategies

We are innovators in commercial strategies, which is why we offer Pharmacies an exclusive and customizable sales system, tested in more than 1,000 points of sale, and that the end user himself can test through our lab experience. In a maximum of 45 cm2 of the Pharmacy space, we display, present and store this sales system with 5 different segments of prescription glasses and sunglasses. We generate a level of maximum confidence in the end user due to the image of an expert point of sale and an easy, fast, aseptic and comfortable self-service experience.

With our sales system, Pharmacies:

  • They will exhibit the product in an organized manner. Let's remember that 83% of the information that people retain is received visually (Digital Marketing: communicating with the senses at the point of sale).
  • They will store the product (60-180 glasses) in an orderly manner without requiring additional space and minimizing sales times due to storage logistics.
  • They will increase average sales by 40%, compared to traditional systems, due to impulse purchases, in addition to improving product rotation.

For his part, the end user:

  • You will be attracted by the design, colorimetry and order of our seller.
  • You can choose the product you require from our extensive range, all in one place.
  • You will confirm your graduation through the reading test. You will be able to see if you feel comfortable with the selected design in the mirror at your disposal.
  • He will ensure that the product he is buying is stored in aseptic boxes and has not been tampered with by third parties.
  • You will find accessories for your purchase with our chains and cases.

We offer products with exclusive designs, excellent quality at an affordable price.

We have a highly qualified work team, with more than 30 years of experience in the optical sector, exclusive designers for our brands, facilities of more than 3,000 m2, we have a license as a manufacturer of sanitary products, which allows us to offer an exclusive, quality product at an affordable price.


We favor and strengthen the vision category, normalizing it with respect to the rest of the parapharmacy families. We have created a clear and easy division of 5 levels, according to the characteristics and qualities of the product, according to the use and needs of the final client.

ProtecLab EXPERIENCE We don't just tell you, we teach you!

We demonstrate the quality of the products, with our ProtecLab experience: Through a test of polarized and/or laser light, charged with ultraviolet light and our wide range of ophthalmic lenses, the end user will be able to verify the advantages of the different filters and photochromic, polarized and Blue Block blue light lenses.